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What Should Children Wear to Ski?

What Should Children Wear to Ski or Snowboard? Clothes Edition

What your children wear to ski or snowboard is firstly based on the 3 C’s Climate, Capability, and Category, all of which are explained here. The guide below will help you with what garments your children should wear when out on the slopes.

Ski socks

These are designed to be sat in ski boots all day, and include properties such as being moisture wicking and warm. The more expensive ones actually look thinner, but this is on purpose. If the socks are too thick then it makes it very difficult for blood to reach the toes, and actually makes their feet colder.

NEVER double layer ski socks! When putting on their boots, also make sure there are no wrinkles!

You can also get heated ski socks complete with battery pack… Toasty!


What you choose for your child is dependent on what time of year you go skiing, whether or not they feel the cold, and how old they are. There are many options from leggings to full suits, made from silk, bamboo, or merino wool, but the constant is that they have to be comfortable. Keep in mind that merino wool and bamboo help to keep clothes from smelling for a lot longer, so perfect for teenage boys! Make sure thermals aren’t actually in the ski boots- any seams will be uncomfortable and can prevent blood flow.


Skiers and boarders are recommended to wear thinner, but more, layers. It is easier to adapt according to temperature than having a super warm thick fleece. It also helps them to manoeuvre more easily in their children’s ski lessons in Nendaz.

Remember that the warmer the core of the body is, the less the extremities feel the cold, so more layers on their top means more warmth in their fingers and toes!

Ski Trousers and Jackets

Nowadays there is much more of a variety of shapes, colours and designs for children’s ski outfits. It should be easier to find something that fits, and that they like. What is usually not prioritised is the level of waterproof. This is important, not because they may fall over (they will!) But rather that they love to play in the snow, and this seems to make them much wetter. If they are taking snowboard lessons, this is even more critical for their trousers! A snow skirt can be a good option here too.

What should children wear skiing

Make sure what your children wear to ski in has a few pockets (read our blog on Children’s Ski Lessons as to why!)

Gloves / Mitts

Whether they choose Mitts or Gloves is their choice, but make sure that they are the correct size- snug but not tight. Make sure they have dexterity; they will need to hold on to a pole, ski lift and skis. I didn’t realise this for years but sizes of gloves are the measurement of the circumference of your palm. Measure in inches around the hand, just below the fingers. Mine for example are size 7.

Sizing gloves children wear to ski

How to measure gloves

You can also buy heated gloves, inner gloves, and hand warmers!

Neckie / Buff / Bandana

Even if they don’t like wearing them, please put it in their pocket just in case. It can make a huge difference to whether or not they can continue skiing if the wind picks up. There are so many designs and styles that they can actually be pretty cool.


Before buying check your resort’s average climate for the time of year you are skiing. For Europe certainly, January is the coldest, Easter ranges from being pleasant, to almost uncomfortably warm with a large jacket on!

We have found that is the most accurate for weather predictions across a variety of countries.

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