Crazy man jumping from the frozen mountain cable car in Verbier

Verbier Insider | BASE Jumper With a Licence to Thrill

Steep vs Strip jump

BASE jump extraordinaire David Laffargue is a real life ‘Double O’ with a licence to thrill. He would even give James Bond a run for his money. His style is more beer-on-a-mountain-cliff than Martini-shaken-not-stirred. His fearless ‘Pure Energy’ has even charmed TeleVerbier, the Verbier ski lift company, who opened the Mont Gelé cable car for his latest secret BASE jumping mission.

If BASE jumping isn’t your Thing…

He is unquestionably a Zen-Master with an ADRENALINE addiction. Laffargue is also part of a continuous project with Upzairaerial. If you are looking to be a little less shaken-and-stirred, then how about booking a ski lesson on Mont Gelé with Alpinemojo Ski School?

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