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Snowboarders- Get Ahead of the Game

I love to go snowboarding in Verbier, but to my dismay, I took my board out of storage and discovered my bindings were broken. No snowboarding for a while then, until I had found the replacement parts.

Get your equipment sorted NOW!

It is easy to forget what happened 6 months ago, the equipment out of sight out of mind, until the day before you need them. Make sure you are ahead of the game this winter and take out your boots and bindings now. If the laces on your boots aren’t great then replace them. This will enable you to keep that snug feel for another season. Check out your bindings as these are so important for safety as well as being able to do the kind of riding you want to. You can buy replacement screws for mounting and high backs if one has wriggled away; and pretty much any replacement for the ankle and toe straps- ratchets to buckles, screws to the actual strap itself. Check out Sputnik Snowboard Shop for your spare parts. 

Snowboarding in Verbier

Due an upgrade?

Be safe in the knowledge that you have looked after your equipment, and now it can look after you.

Snowboarding in Verbier this winter?

If you feel like snowboarding in Verbier, maybe book a snowboard lesson with our resident snowboarding guru Steve Gray.

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