Cut-n-blow dry in Verbier

Hairdressing got to do with ski teaching?

Like a lot of ladies, my wife loves to get her hair cut-n-blow-dried by Seb in Chamonix.  Seb is a highly qualified hairdresser with lots of experience, so my wife is confident she’ll get a great haircut. Seb works in a salon where they pay the staff according to their differing levels of skills and experience. In this case Seb is paid more than the other hairdressers in reflection of her experience. When a customer books an appointment, they know who will do their hair and that they are being charged appropriately. Everyone is happy with this ‘set up’.

We have taken inspiration from hairdressing for ski teaching

Ski instructors also have different levels of qualifications and experience. Unlike hairdressing, at most ski schools you will pay the same price whatever the qualifications and experience of your instructor. You could be paying for an 18 year old who is teaching clients for the first time. However, you could be paying for an older Level 4 ISTD Cardholder with 20 plus seasons of ski teaching experience! In most instances you do not know what level of experience you are paying for when you book your lessons. The ski school will charge the same price whatever the experience and qualifications of the instructor. Not everyone is happy with this ‘set up’.

So at Alpinemojo we think hairdressing has a lot to do with ski teaching, or more to the point we think it is correct to have a ski lesson pricing structure where you know exactly what you are paying for. At Alpinemojo, our pricing structure is in line with the qualifications and experience of our ski instructors – we think this is a fair and transparent ‘set up’.

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