getting ready for skiing

Getting ready for skiing

Getting ready for skiing… the challenge

Is getting ready for skiing like riding a bike?

The meaning of the English expression ‘like riding a bike’ is that. ‘Once you have learnt how to do something then it is easy to do it again even if you have not done it for a while’. Whilst riding your bike on a straight piece of road with a perfect surface may be easy to do; imagine being at the top of a mountain bike run when you have not been down a rough and bumpy trail recently. How will you feel? Can you just launch yourself on your bike down this track? I don’t believe so unless you have daredevil tendencies…

This is my dilemma at the start of each ski season. I have been skiing for over 30 years, yet each season my level of fitness varies. Then the snow and condition of the ski runs can be very different, and I go out to experience my first runs of the season with some trepidation. Certainly, I am not a daredevil!

So getting ready for skiing, how do I get over my nervousness at the start of a season?

Firstly I try to do some additional sport before the season starts. No sport uses exactly the same muscles so doing a variety of activities is really worthwhile. A combination of swimming and Pilates or yoga to build flexibility; together with riding a bike either at a spinning class or outside in the fresh air. Because this helps to build stamina and prepares your body for the upcoming season.

Secondly, after a couple of short ski sessions just finding my ski legs; I sign up for some private lessons with an experienced instructor. This means that I build good habits at the start of the season, and it definitely builds my confidence. Lessons are also fun, a great way to find new runs and to see different parts of a ski resort. Most resorts will make some changes to their lift system or ski runs each season. An instructor can show you the changes while ensuring that you have good technique. Letting you build on your capabilities ready for the season ahead.

And this season?

Getting ready for skiing this season means booking my ski lessons with the new Verbier ski school AlpineMojo. All the instructors are very experienced and really love to teach. Their enthusiasm for skiing is infectious, so I hope that this will pass onto me. By the way, I don’t only take lessons at the start of the season. If the conditions change, or I don’t have a good day up the hill, I take a lesson. Or if I have friends coming to visit who ski a lot better than me, I will take another lesson. Lessons should always be fun! Who would not want to be ‘on the piste’ in one of the most beautiful ski areas in the Swiss Alps?

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