Exciting news

Out with the Old, In with the New(s)

New Booking System

Last week we posted the exciting news that we had partnered with Snowvation. The booking system is now live!
Hooray! You can now book a ski lesson for the 2018/19 season right this second. Right from your living room. Until now you had to contact the office to complete your payment, or bring a card to the lesson. No longer! Do it when it suits you, and you’ll receive a detailed confirmation email just like any other online booking service.


Although in today’s world of convenience this booking system is exemplary, that is not why AlpineMojo have partnered with Snowvation. We believe we can constantly improve the experience that our clients have with us in many ways. We are enthusiastic about snow sports and have dedicated our lives to it, and we want to share that with you. That’s why we believe that this booking system is the best for you, the client.

You can request an instructor, or mention any special requirements that your instructor needs to know. After your lesson you can receive an update on your skier profile, how you got on and what is next to improve. This will make one trip run seamlessly into the next.

Unique to Verbier & Nendaz

We are the first ski school in Verbier and Nendaz to use a system like this, and we are incredibly proud to lead the charge on this technology within the 4 Vallées.

For all of the other ways that it will improve your booking experience, read our blog all about our partnership with Snowvation.

New Partner

As well as the exciting news of our new booking system, we would like to announce a new investor in AlpineMojo. We wish a warm welcome, and incidentally Happy Birthday this week, to new partner Jordan Lowe.

Jordan is an incredible skier, knowledgeable about the 4 Vallées, and specializes in technology. He will be working behind the scenes alongside his start up Krystal Clarity, and current position as a Data Platform Consultant in London. See if you can spot him on the slopes -you have to be quick!