Half term ski lessons Verbier

Best Views with the Verbier Ski Pass

Best Views with the Verbier Ski Pass

Being in the mountains isn’t just about the skiing and snowboarding; it’s about the lifestyle, culture, and picturesque scenery!

If you are heading to Verbier, here are my top 5 places you must visit in order to appreciate a spectacular view… (The pictures do not do them justice)

Mont Fort

It’s the most famous because it is the most impressive. The skyline is majestic, with an almost 360° view that includes Mont Blanc, and the Matterhorn of Cervinia/Zermatt. (From which Toblerone is resembled!) Mont Fort can be accessed on foot by any non-skier, and a reduced pedestrian pass is available from the lift ticket office.

Half term ski lessons Verbier

The view from Mt Fort, 3330m

La Chaux

Also accessible for those who prefer the stability of their own two feet, La Chaux overlooks Grand & Petit Combin, a magnificent range that is always covered in snow. When it is sunny, it is pearlescent, and is almost magical in the way it seems to shimmer. Hosting one of the two beginner areas on the mountain, it is a beautiful place to learn to ski.

Beginner area La Chaux has a beautiful view

The view from the bottom of La Chaux

Vallon D’Arby

This view has to be earned, and it is only accessible if you are an experienced skier or rider. It is a long itinerary run, which means it is controlled off-piste. Its beauty is in its scarred and steep sides, and the feeling of desolation when you are the only ones in the valley, so you feel truly cut off from the modern world.

Itinerary ski tour Verbier

Off piste Itinerary Vallon D’Arby


Considered the quieter side of Verbier, Savoleyres has wide, open, mellow pistes, making it ideal for beginners and nervous individuals.

The view from the top (accessible on foot) overlooks Verbier from the opposite side of the bowl, a great way to see the entire resort whilst catching some rays!

4 Vallees, Verbier, Savoleyres,

The resort of Verbier from Savoleyres

La Pasay (top of Bruson)

Bruson is typically favoured by advanced skiers on snowy days due to its tremendous powder options through the trees. Take advantage on a good day of its under-use on the 4 Vallées pass, and you will be one of few on the mountain. With a view back to Verbier, or on to France, it gives a unique perspective from the furthest resort on the right hand side of the 4 Vallées.

Bruson winter

Bruson’s view including Six Blanc

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