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Winter is coming 2

Winter is coming

Whether a GoT fan or not, winter is coming.

Dig your skis and snowboards out of the garage, wipe off the cobwebs and check them out. Did you slap your hand against your forehead remembering that you hadn’t in fact put storage wax on them; like you were advised to many months ago. Do they look rusty and a little unkempt? Something like the ski below↓

winter is coming!

I hope they don’t look this bad…

Stay stress free and get them serviced now. A shop like Ski Bartlett in Hillingdon can turn around a set of skis (or board) in no time and make them positively gleaming.

More importantly, it will make it easier for you to improve and enjoy your trip; you will certainly be the envy of your companions. Especially when you whizz past them on the flats and grip easily when carving on harder snow.

You are now ready for winter

In no time and make them positively gleaming.

Invest in your equipment

Ski holidays are expensive anyway, so to truly make a difference to your trip, invest in your ski equipment.

If it is all kept in good condition from when you bring them home, you will save a lot of money in the long run. Skis can last multiple years if looked after, especially if they are only taken on one trip or two a year. If you did fancy an upgrade because of a change in ability, or conditions you want to ski; plenty of people will pay good money for a second hand set- provided they are in good condition!

Our next blog is all about skier’s feet, and how to know if you have the best boots for your skiing. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your boots, read our Happy Feet, Happy Skier blog.

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