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What are the Best Skis?

So what are the best skis and equipment for this winter? If you haven’t already bought your equipment for this winter season, this latest flurry of snow will probably give you the nudge to get yourself sorted.


Ski shop staff are extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with winter sports holidays. Usually they have a variety of personnel that each has a specialist area in skiing or snowboarding – including free ride, touring, racing, instructing, or freestyle.

These people will be able to get you the most appropriate equipment for your goals, ability and budget.

However, they can only advise you of your options from the information that they receive from you. This means you need to have an idea of the questions they may ask, and above all you must be honest.


Regardless of the equipment you are looking to buy, you need to know the following:


What level skier/boarder you are.

How often you ski/board.

(one week a year on snow, every week at the snow dome)

Where and when you ski.

(Resort and time of year)

Where you like to ski/board in resort.

(off-piste, steep icy slopes, blue runs)

What you’d like to do with your skiing/boarding.

(improve technique, try touring/split boarding)

Your budget.

Your weight.


Alongside these 7 main points, there are more specific things when it comes to skis, boots and clothing that are helpful to know before you enter the shop.




If you are getting new boots, you should mention any prior issues you may have with your feet, especially if you use orthotics for your regular/running shoes. For replacing a set that had adjustments, it’s worth bringing that set to show where there have been issues.

Best Skis and Boot fixes

Ground boots


Finally, if you always have cold feet then please let the boot fitter know. It could be the boot, or just poor circulation, but if it is the latter then they can fit heated foot beds that should help.



A lie will catch you out when it comes to your ability and aspirations for your skiing. Skis that are too stiff for your ability will make you miserable when trying to get them to turn. Mention your previous ski brand and how you felt that they skied, as this could indicate to the staff what may work better for you.

Various shops in the alps offer ski testing if you still aren’t sure. Once you have a new set, why not ski with one of our instructors to make the most of them?



Ski clothing doesn’t always size the way that regular clothing does. You should try the garments on as you would ski in them; so if you are trying on ski trousers/salopettes, bring the thermals that you would usually wear underneath.

Let the staff know how you like to wear your ski gear, tight or baggy fit, as this will influence which brands are best for you to try.