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Ski lessons Verbier, to more than just a ski school: AlpineMojo


From ski lessons Verbier, to becoming more than just a Ski School


The journey so far…

All ski lessons in Verbier used to be of the same, dull format. We wanted to change that.

When we first took over AlpineMojo Ski & Snowboard School in Switzerland, it was autumn time, and we knew very little about how the business had performed the previous season. There was a lot to take in, and although we hit the ground running, it was a long transition period.

We took on a new resort, Nendaz, in the first year that needed nurturing and a lot of attention. Coupled with the fact that 3 friends who; despite respecting each other’s skills on the mountain; had never before worked together as partners, it was a lot to take on. Like all good things, it took time to develop how we worked best as a team. Naturally, we are all still learning.

Ski lessons Verbier start with a great instructor

Fast forward 2 years to Autumn 2020, and AlpineMojo Ski School is starting to grow in the direction that we had envisioned. No longer playing catch-up; we are now able to mould our products and presence into something we are really proud of.

Strong Team

Having a strong team both on and off the hill is paramount to our mission statement. Our instructors are wonderful, interesting and genuinely nice people. This is the most important thing, as you will be spending at minimum a couple of hours with them. Our team know the Verbier resort inside and out, whether that’s where the best snow is, the smallest lift line at any given point, or which slopes offer the next best progression for each client in each ski lessons.

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…With the best instructors

Our instructors are experienced. If you are having a ski lesson in Verbier then the chances are, you want to improve your ski or snowboard level. But a ski lesson is so much more than that. A lot of our job is reading reactions and interpreting body language in order to get the most out of each client. It is pushing people to the outer edge of their limits in order to achieve something, without pushing them too far. Interpersonal skills cannot be taught in a ski exam; so we hand pick our instructors based on their ability to read people as much as they can their skiing. The connection the instructor has with the client and their needs is what makes a ski lesson a success, not how many drills or miles you cover.

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Unfortunately a lot of fully qualified, and typically older instructors don’t value this mentality. Unless it’s a full day, off-piste, with free lunch, then they just aren’t interested. You’ll get a few tips here and there if you’re lucky.

Despite our team being relatively young, we believe we have the best instructors on the hill. Everyone who works at AlpineMojo loves to teach, and his or her focus is solely on the client. We love to teach ski lessons in Verbier.  Our instructors love winter in the mountains, and have a true passion for people; something we never undervalue.


Customer-centric focus

Our focus always has been on you, the client. And it will remain that way moving forwards.

We all have a passion for snow sports and want to pass on the love we have for the sport on to you.

Having a small school that is run by young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs means that every client is valued, no matter the ability, age or spend.

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A private lesson means that each client has the option to choose exactly what they want out of the lesson; whether that’s technical, psychological, or sometimes, just having someone to keep you company and ski at your pace.

We can meet you the night before at the rental shop to introduce ourselves and make sure that you have the right equipment.

Our mission is to make your skiing lessons experience the best it could possibly be. That means understanding each client’s expectations, and trying to surpass them.


More than just a ski school… More than just ski lessons Verbier

Ski lessons have been around for years, and typically all followed the same format. When we took over AlpineMojo Ski School, we wanted to offer something different that the same Verbier ski lessons.

Ski Packages

In December 2018 we released our new ski packages, including Learn to Ski, Master Moguls, Piste to Powder and Explorer. We designed them to specifically target key goals our clients have. Having to choose lesson duration, time and frequency a thing of the past.

Learn to Ski

Learn to Ski is 3 private ski lessons of 3 hours duration. Firstly, there is an introduction to the equipment and the environment. Then the client will progress from complete beginner to ski down a blue piste.

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Master Moguls

Master Moguls comprises 3 x 2.5 hour afternoon sessions, and tackles a lot of the tactical issues that people have with bumps. The progression is tailored to your individual’s needs, and is as much where to turn as how to turn. This not only makes moguls easier than you imagine; but it also protects the knees, and almost, (just almost,) makes them fun!


The Explorer Package is there to make the most of the skiing available in the 4 Vallées ski area. There are over 412km of tracked pistes to ski. Lucky enough to be here for a week? Our instructors can take you on a tour of all 8 resorts. Verbier, Savoleyres, La Tzoumaz, Bruson, Siviez, Nendaz, Thyon and Veyssonnaz. Your instructor knows the secret sweet spots, and best places that meet the current conditions each day.

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Piste to Powder

Our Piste to Powder is the most popular of the Verbier Ski Packages. Many people want to take the plunge to powder skiing, but not really know how to do it. Our course consists of 2 x 3-hour lessons followed by a 4-hour lesson.

We start by introducing you to the off-piste techniques on-piste, and making sure you are familiar with the avalanche equipment. The second day involves more technique, and starting to ski off piste on mellower terrain, to really build confidence. You will ski a full morning off-piste and put your new skills to the test on the last day. This with the comfort of having an instructor present! You will be taught off-piste safety, the avalanche risk, areas where you can be caught out, and how to make the most of your time away from tracked runs.

Remaining true to our CORE

Our mission statement remains the same; to provide quality, individually tailored ski lessons from qualified and experienced instructors who have a passion for skiing. However, private ski lessons in Verbier and Nendaz have become so much more than that, and we endeavour to do our utmost to make your holiday special, going above and beyond just teaching skiing.

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Realising the wealth of experience that the AlpineMojo team had behind them meant that it was possible to expand beyond the traditional ski school. This could be done without compromising the original products.

Adding new enterprises…

Alongside ski lessons in Verbier nad Nendaz, AlpineMojo decided to run ski instructor training. For now, we offer a Level 3 training programme led by ex coach, Sega Fairweather.

In 2019, Eliott became involved with a Chinese project to coach athletes ready for the Winter Olympics in 2022. 30 athletes were picked based on their athletic ability and were offered the chance to join the skiing programme. None of them had ever put skis on before! Eliott completed 5 months as the Head Coach for the National Chinese Development Team; and has hopefully given them a strong fundamental base from which to succeed.

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Having this link to both racing and development inspired us to create AlpineMojo Centre Of Racing and Excellence; or AlpineMojo CORE. This runs alongside our ski lessons Verbier, Nendaz and Val d-Isère; making us more than just a Ski and Snowboard School.

AlpineMojo CORE have new projects in the pipeline, so stay in touch for more information.

AM and Technology

The majority of businesses make their products and experiences available online in just a few clicks. We have all used services that can be completed in a matter of a few clicks and seen the simplicity and efficiency for the consumer.

AlpineMojo wanted our clients to have this same ease of booking for ski lessons Verbier and Nendaz; to cater for both our products and experiences. Luckily, we had already been in contact with an American company called The Only Sky. They had spent years programming a system that completely catered our needs in the back office, and our desires for our consumers.

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The more we saw of the capabilities of the system, the more we were excited to work with them. They have improved their features year on year, and now we are even able to provide feedback online for our clients, and add any photos that we took during the lesson.

Ultimately, it makes the whole experience easier and quicker for our clients, and makes the lesson experience exceed expectations. We are really proud to be associated with such a fantastic company and product.


As well as our packages, we have teamed up with AirBnb to provide Alpine Experiences. This includes: Snowshoeing, Introduction to Touring, Paragliding, and evening dinners in mountain restaurants.

We believe that winter holidays have become a lot more than just a ski holiday. Whether it is on the slopes or off, Mojo can create magical moments that will make your trip one to remember.

Always going beyond

We believe in always going above and beyond private ski lessons in Verbier, Nendaz and Val-d’Isère. This means being on hand to organise whatever you may need for your holiday. We can organise: Transfers, Restaurant Reservations, Rental Equipment, Accommodation and more.

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More than just a Ski School