New Booking System!

August’s final weekend brings a shift in mood that coincides with the downpour of rain we’ve been waiting for. Just as the grass is renewed, a new season begins when children return to school and young adults begin courses. Holidays wind down and the summer season comes to a close.

Winter enthusiasts emerge, and despite 3 months til the lifts open, declare loudly “Winter is Coming!” Frankly, we have to count ourselves as “one of those”. Spurred on by our developing school, we are so excited to return to snow to do the job we love!

A new partnership…

In order to better connect with our clients, we have reassessed how we communicate, and particularly, how we can update the booking experience with AlpineMojo.

For 2018/19 we have teamed up with Snowvation, an Activity Booking & Management system for Mountain Destinations.


What the booking system means for our clients

For you, it will mean a quicker and smoother booking experience, making it easier to organise your holiday. You will still be able to request an instructor, and change your dates/ times, all through a single system. It allows us to keep a record your skiing proficiency, helping you to progress no matter the instructor or time between lessons. You’ll be able to access a detailed report from your instructor about your lesson, and what the next step is. If you have given permission for your instructor to take photos, these can also be uploaded for you.


What the booking system means for AlpineMojo

Our favourite part of the job is the actual teaching, and sharing the enjoyment of watching clients progress and improve.

For each Instructor, being able to access skier profiles means that there is a clear goal for each client. Preparing interesting content that is relevant for each individual will ensure fully tailored lessons, encouraging faster progression. Faster progression equates to more enjoyment, meaning clients and instructors alike are happier!

This system will give the management more time, allowing them to focus on their own clients’ lesson plans and execution. Our in-house communication regarding delegation of lessons will be improved, ensuring as AlpineMojo grows, it maintains its high standards.


Our partnership with Snowvation will further improve your experience with AlpineMojo from booking all the way through to your progress report.

Bookings for the 2018/19 season launch on the 1st September.