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Great news for skiing in the Midlands!

Great news for skiing in the midlands!


Skimming through In The Snow magazine’s articles, I stumbled across the news that Swadlincote Snowsports Centre have an investment of half a million pounds to resurface the main slope. And how overjoyed I was!

Supporting grass root Alpine Skiing

Would I have grown up and skied for Great Britain if I hadn’t been local to Swadlincote Snowsports Centre? I think not. I started skiing because I saw the slope out of my parents’ car window on my way to swimming classes. Asking to “have a go”, I quite frankly loved it from the minute I clipped skis on!

I’m not the only one either- Look at Britain’s greats; Eddie Edwards, Dave Ryding, and Graham Bell (who incidentally opened Swadlincote slope in 1987).
All of them started their skiing career on plastic slopes.

Supporting the local community

Even forgetting the competitive aspect of skiing, the local area benefits from having a well-maintained slope. Various schools use it as practice for their yearly ski trip; local Universities prep for their team’s championships, and children like me add to the repertoire of sports that they take part in. That’s not to mention the hundreds of people that take a few lessons to brush up on their skills prior to their ski trip each year.

Being able to provide a sport like skiing in the Midlands is wonderful, for athletes of all other sports too. The balance and agility taught in skiing is transferable, and helping other sports can only be a good thing. Secondly, having a multi sport approach has been proven to improve performance in the long term, with many institutions taking this ethos rather than early specialization.

Take a look at Team Evolution, a ski-racing academy based in Austria- successful because they have a winning combination. As well as having incredible staff; they focus on each athlete as an individual, and they place utmost importance on being a well-rounded person. That doesn’t just mean advising against early-specialization, but making sure athletes learn skills they will need for life such as time management, independence and perseverance.
These values align with the AlpineMojo ethos, and our mission to make ski  lessons better.

And that’s what sport is all about at grass roots level. To give children an opportunity to learn life skills through sport- whilst having FUN!