Expert Level Skier : What level skier level am I?

What does an Expert Level Skier look like?

Expert skier level. We have found that people find it difficult to describe their skiing, or to pinpoint exactly what level they are. In this video we take a look at what an expert skier should look like.

An expert level skier can ski all runs at speed; has an understanding of carving, and have ventured onto itineraries and off-piste.

Firstly, it is a common misconception that expert level skiers do not need more lessons because they are typically able to ski all of the pistes and itineraries available in a resort. However, it is likely that an expert level skier hasn’t had a lesson in a while. Consequently, they could have some bad habits; mainly because they have spent lots of time skiing without thinking.

Secondly, a lot of skiers at this level are happy to cruise the pistes. They are perhaps unsure of what their technique should be in moguls or off-piste. This is where an instructor can show you how to adapt your technique to cope with the change in environment.

About AlpineMojo Ski School

There is not much Alpinemojo Ski School don’t know about the 4 Vallees! AlpineMojo provide high quality ski instruction and coaching from beginners to advanced; particularly for those who have reached a learning plateau and wish to improve their skills to take their skiing to the next level.

Most importantly, they have a customer-centric focus to their business; aiming to deliver the best value, high quality service to our clients. Our core values are rooted in customer service, quality, professionalism, safety, and having fun. So whatever type of lesson you are looking for, we will offer one that’s tailored to your needs so you can enjoy more of what Verbier/Nendaz and the 4 Vallées has to offer.