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Choosing the Correct Ski Clothing

How to choose the right ski clothing

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 Choosing the Correct Ski Clothing

A ski holiday is meant to be enjoyed, but when you are cold or wet, it sucks to be on the mountain. It is essential that the ski clothing you choose be fit for purpose. This is down to personal preference as well as dependent on where you are going (& time of year), your ability, and what your ‘style’ is like.


Firstly research the kind of temperatures of where you are likely to be on your holiday. Canada is going to be a lot colder than Europe in December for example.


A beginner skier will be moving fairly slowly, which is colder than someone making short turns down a steeper slope. Conversely, if the beginner ski area is south facing, & near to town, it may be much hotter, especially spring time. A beginner skier should also consider that they may spend some time getting various body parts acquainted with the snow!


Your category refers to how you like to spend your time. Are you first on the ski lift, last one chased off the mountain by ski patrol? Or do you like to take your time and stop for coffees as well as a long lunch? These factors may change the amount of layers (and what kind) you want to wear. If you tour already you will know you need breathable fabric to hike up in and a quick change to keep you warm on the way down.

If you have any circulation issues, it would be worth investing in some warm extras. Did you know heated ski boot insoles, heated ski socks and heated ski gloves exist?

Your ski clothing should be warm, waterproof and fit for purpose whatever your circumstances.

Beginners skier can check back to our ski blog in a few weeks where we will go into detail about what to wear on your first ski lesson.

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