Top tips to improve your skiing

Improve your day on the mountain, and hopefully improve your skiing!

How tight should I have my ski boots?

Ski boots work best when the buckles are clipped tightly on the cuff, and the power strap is snug. The 2 on the foot can be left loose. This is regardless of whether they are rented or custom fitted.

How do I stop my goggles fogging up?

Goggles fog up just like a window when the air inside is damp and warm. If you are running hot, make sure that there is room for this warm air to flow out of your clothes. Don’t keep your hood up, or your neck warmer all the way up to the goggles. Also, if it is raining or snowing, try to keep your goggles on your face. Placing them onto a wet helmet then back on the face makes the moisture heat up and fog the goggles.

Why do my shins hurt in boots?

Make sure that there is nothing except socks in your boots by folding your thermals up out of the way. Make sure the sock has no wrinkles, and that the boot is done up correctly as above.

Why doesn’t my liftpass work?

All of the scanners are on the left, so make sure your liftpass is in a pocket on your left hand side. Make sure it is the only thing in the pocket as mobile phones and other cards can interfere with the system.

How long should my poles be?

Measure poles by holding them upside down below the basket, and checking that your elbow relaxes at 90°. If they are too long or too short, they can start to affect your skiing technique.

Should pole straps be over or under?

We advise to put your hands down onto the strap and handle, having the excess in the palm. This way if you fall, the pole hangs away from the body.

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